Though I wasn't there to see it, it's been around a year since the most revolutionary podcast in the Brony fandom started, one that is so revolutionary that it should be considered the biggest podcast in the fandom: the Bronimaniacs.

It's honestly hard to believe that this group of friends has been doing something that they love for around a year now, I mean the Pony Press News Journal hasn't even been around that long and it's been a massive struggle to go that long, much less going for a year with only one break and 42 episodes! Congrats on the big accomplishment guys!

But that's not the reason I'm here to do an article, I'm here because I wanted to talk about how the Bronimaniacs are the biggest and best podcast still running today! You don't believe me one bit? Well, let me give you a bit of my reasoning behind this statement.

First of all, they do something that you don't even see in today's age: they never do anything for attention, they do it because it's either the right thing to do or because it's something that they love. You never hear them waste time trying to get you to follow them or subscribe to their Youtube channels at all, they do it entirely because they love it and that's not easy to find anymore.

Second of all, they never leave you bored. Sure, their streams may be a couple of hours long, but every single stream that Venomous does with the Bronimaniacs is destined to be entertaining and fascinating and the very next thing you know, it's been a couple of hours, but it's felt like a few minutes! I can name very few podcasts that can pull that off while only having three people watching.

Third of all, they respect other peoples opinions, no matter what it is. This is definitely something that I haven't seen from very many podcasts. There's not much I can really say about this other than what I did above.

Last, but certainly not least, they don't just treat each other like family, but they also do it to their friends. I've been through many podcasts and communities in general and I can't find any other groups of people that can even contest the Bronimaniacs community in this category, period.

Honestly, if literally none of this convinced you that the Bronimaniacs are slowly becoming the next big thing, then hopefully you'll understand it if I explain it to you this way: the Bronimaniacs are the next Canterlot Radio and Venomous Pie is the next Mic Check according to what I said.

Anyway, if you have a new interest in the Bronimaniacs after reading this article, then I have a few links to provide to you. Here's Venomous Pie's  Twitch channel and Youtube channel, where you can catch up and watch any upcoming Bronimaniacs episode, and his Twitter account.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this short editorial and I'm sorry if it wasn't very good, I'm just slowly getting back into the writing spirit. I'll see you all later and I hope you stay Brony my friends!