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Episode reviews: Episodes 14 and 15, "Fame and Misfortune" and "Triple Threat"

So I'm here with part 2 of my catching up on reviews for My Little Pony season 7 with the last 2 episodes I need to review, Fame and Misfortune and Triple Threat.

The first episode that I'm starting with is Fame and Misfortune and boy is this episode... Something!

The episode starts with Twilight and Starlight going through the library in Twilight's castle, clearly looking for something and after some searching, Twilight finds the Friendship Journal from way back in season 4!

The after the theme song, Twilight and Starlight are in the map room with the Mane 6 to show them that Starlight can replicate the Friendship Journal and restore it to its former glory and tell them that Twilight has the "great idea" to release it for the general public to buy and read so that they can learn the lessons that they learned and wrote down themselves.

I bet you know where this goes! Yep, chaotic crappiness and the quite clear smack on the head by "M.A. Larson!" Time for my review!

First off, the entire idea that this would be a great idea is completely false, once you think about it and you're not caught up in the chaotic moment. Also, as made fun of in the actual episode, the reactions DO seem a little fake as you watch it a second or third time, completely lacking in the quality that I was expecting.

Let's not even mention that Rarity cried in this episode, which I've recently grown to hate as it becomes more often. The main thing I want to talk about is fandom references, though.

First off, there were numerous slaps in the face against the Brony fandom about how negative they can be and how insulting they can be, especially when it comes to each character's flaws. It was both a good lesson and a slap in the face for the Brony fandom.

Then you have the fact that they lied about who actually wrote the episode by saying that M.A. Larson wrote it, which she later admitted was a lie.


It was already bad enough that they never even showed the credits in Forever Filly when it first aired, but downright telling a lie to get more people to watch it! Really? How upsetting Hasbro! WOW!

I'm sorry to give in to the "Dark side," but that simple mistake is just unnacceptable and should be stated instead of ignored and then acting like nothing happened. WE NEED ANSWERS! Whoever wrote this episode needs to be revealed so we can blast the right person for such an all around horrid episode! For the love of Celestia, this is turning into another of the worse episodes here, the song saving it from a 0 rating!

So what rating DO I give this episode? I'm going to give it a 2/10 just for the fact that the song was good.

So now that we have the bad episode out of the way, it's time for the good one, Triple Threat!

The episode starts with Spike getting Ponyville ready to welcome one of his friends, Dragon Lord Ember when he discovers that he invited another one of his friends, Thorax, to come on the exact same day.

Thinking about how different the both of them are, he becomes afraid that it would cause a war between the Changelings and the dragons. Almost the entire episode is Spike trying to keep Thorax and Ember apart.

Now with that short summary over with, let's get to my actual review of this episode.

First off, I love how the writers have portrayed Spike this season. It's definitely been better than any season before it and I hope that they continue to do well with Spike in the future.

Another thing I quite enjoyed was the interactions between Thorax and other ponies so far. I have to say that they actually did a really good job with him and I hope they continue to use the interactions that they have so far!

I also really enjoyed how they're handling Dragon Lord Ember. They're portraying her as new to friendship really well and I hope that this also continues to be done really well.

One last thing that I enjoyed about this episode is the fact that I could actually stand Thorax, Spike, and Ember all having fun and talking with each other. I came into this episode thinking that it'd be a massive disaster and I'd rate it a 4/10 and end it, but I was terribly wrong!

So with all this positive talking, what rating do I give it? I'm giving it a 9/10 just because it wasn't anything amazingly special and it contained a lesson that I feel everyone should learn!

I hope you enjoyed this article and I can confirm that I will get back on track like I should've before. As always, I'll put every single rating for this season below and make sure you stay Brony my friends! See you in another article!

  1. Celestial Advice: 8/10
  2. All Bottled Up: 0/10
  3. Flurry of Emotions: 8/10
  4. Rock Solid Friendship: 8/10
  5. Fluttershy Leans In: 8/10
  6. Forever Filly: 4/10
  7. Parental Glideance: 9/10
  8. Hard To Say Anything: 8/10
  9. Honest Apple: 2/10
  10. A Royal Problem: 7/10
  11. Not Asking for Trouble: 6/10
  12. Discordant Harmony: 8/10
  13. The Perfect Pear: 11/10
  14. Fame and Misfortune: 2/10
  15. Triple Threat: 9/10