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Episode reviews: Episodes 12 and 13, "Discordant Harmony" and "The Perfect Pear"

Before you yell at me, I know I'm late and for that I am sorry.

The reason I haven't done an article in a while is because I was busy doing stuff that you may or may not know about, including a brand new convention.

Enough of apologizing, let's get to the actual episode reviews! Yes, we have 2 episodes to review!

The first episode that I'm going to be reviewing, Discordant Harmony, is going to be literally the easiest and fastest thing I'll ever do, chances are!

The episode starts out with Discord and Fluttershy having a tea party. Fluttershy then brings up how hard it is to plan it and Discord decides that he felt like he had to plan one for himself to show how much he appreciated Fluttershy's work.

You guessed it! That's the entire thing that sets up the plot for this episode!

First off, this episode was an episode about Discord, which is almost always done well because of the dynamic between him and Fluttershy. Needless to say that this episode was no different!

The jokes and references that revolved around Discord were done really well and the middle is something that you have to see to believe.

But the biggest part of this episode was the lesson that was taught: always be yourself! This was the first episode that I've seen that the lesson actually fit perfectly with everything else, making it an even better episode!

So my numerical rating? How about an 8/10 as a rating! The only thing that didn't give this a 10/10 is just because I didn't see anything that made it truly unique, unlike our next episode!

And speaking of next episode, boy do we have a good one to talk about to say the least! Before I start on the plot set-up, I'd like to give a quick shout-out to LittleLooney for saying that I'd enjoy this episode, The Perfect Pear, he wasn't right: he was more than right!

This episode kicks off with Apple Bloom at a marketplace in Ponyville, heading back home. On her way, she sees that there is a crowd of ponies at one of the stalls, so she goes to check it out.

When Apple Bloom goes to check it out, a pony named Grand Pear (voiced by William Shatner) gives her a jar of pear jam, of which she takes back home to give to the family.

When she shows Applejack the jar of pear jam, it's revealed that the Apple family and the Pear family had a feud a long time ago, which sets you up for most of the episode.

I would tell you more, but it's an experience if you watch it yourself! Now time for my rating!

Any episode that can make me cry in a good way from half way through all the way to 5 minutes AFTER the actual episode is already pretty dang good, but then you have "the song!"

Let's just say when this song is played, you'll be crying uncontrollably for the rest of the time. The episode is executed FLAWLESSLY!

So you think you know my rating? I bet not! I'm giving it a rating of 11/10, it's so good!

I hope you enjoyed this article and why don't you check out my analysis for every other episode of season 7 so far? As always, you'll see the all the other numeric rating below and remember until next time to stay Brony my friends! See you guys next time!

  1. Celestial Advice: 8/10
  2. All Bottled Up: 0/10
  3. Flurry of Emotions: 8/10
  4. Rock Solid Friendship: 8/10
  5. Fluttershy Leans In: 8/10
  6. Forever Filly: 4/10
  7. Parental Glideance: 9/10
  8. Hard To Say Anything: 8/10
  9. Honest Apple: 2/10
  10. A Royal Problem: 7/10
  11. Not Asking for Trouble: 6/10
  12. Discordant Harmony: 8/10
  13. The Perfect Pear: 11/10

Season Average: 7/10