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Episode reviews: Episode 16 "Campfire Tales"

So once again we're back with yet another episode review! This is for episode 16 of season 7, "Campfire Tales."

The episode opens in the woods where Applejack and Apple Bloom are setting up the camp. Eventually Sweetie Belle, Rarity, Scootaloo, and Rainbow Dash show up for the annual sister camping trip.

Once they start getting ready to eat lunch when they get swarmed by a swarmed by Fly-ders- spiders with wings. They then retreat into a cave where they spend the rest of the episode telling stories.

So now that we've summarzied literally the entire episode, now it's time for the review!

The first story that is told by Applejack and it's so unrealistic and stretched that I didn't really enjoy it. I just couldn't make myself like it. The second story, told by Rarity,  is slightly better than AJ's and I kind of enjoyed the entire thing! The last one, told by Rainbow Dash, is by far my favorite with the right amount of action and a moral to the entire thing!

So since I finally got to this review after a week's delay, I'm betting you're waiting for my rating! Well I have to give it a 7/10 just because of the fact that it took a while to review and it wasn't very good.

I hope you enjoyed my brief review and, as always, below you can see all of my reviews for the season so far and the average. I will see you next time!

  1. Celestial Advice: 8/10
  2. All Bottled Up: 0/10
  3. Flurry of Emotions: 8/10
  4. Rock Solid Friendship: 8/10
  5. Fluttershy Leans In: 8/10
  6. Forever Filly: 4/10
  7. Parental Glideance: 9/10
  8. Hard To Say Anything: 8/10
  9. Honest Apple: 2/10
  10. A Royal Problem: 7/10
  11. Not Asking for Trouble: 6/10
  12. Discordant Harmony: 8/10
  13. The Perfect Pear: 11/10
  14. Fame and Misfortune: 2/10
  15. Triple Threat: 9/10
  16. Campfire Tales: 7/10

Season average: rounds up to 7