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Episode review: episode 3 " Flurry of Emotions"

Welcome back to another episode review for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 7! This episode was called "Flurry of Emotions" and this episode was indeed interesting!

The episode starts with Twilight talking to somepony from the hospital (which I'm guessing is one of the nurses) about a visit to a group of fillies who got infected by the Horsey Hives and canceled an entire class. After Spike and Twilight talk about the schedule of things that they both have to do, Cadance and Shining Armor arrive to ask Twilight if they could watch Flurry Heart for a few hours, of which Twilight accepts, and that is the entire plot of the episode, fulfilling the entire list of things to do and taking care of Flurry Heart at the same time.

Now time for what I thought of the episode.

First of all, I would like say that if this is how the entire season is going to be, count me in for this joyride! I really enjoyed the plot and I thought that this episode was perfectly carried out and almost every scene was filled with at least one really funny moment, which really helped this episode an 8/10 overall. The reason for the eight was because Flurry Heart was slightly annoying, but not annoying as Trixie was in the last episode.

After such a bad episode last week, it was good to know that last week's episode was a fluke in the system and that the rest of the season will be amazing. Another thing to note is that this is the first episode of the season in which one of the original Mane 6 has had a spotlight where it was mostly them (I'm not counting Celestial Advice as a Twilight episode, that was a Celestia episode.)

I hope you enjoyed this quick and short article and make sure you look out for episode