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Episode review: episode 19 "It Isn't the Mane Thing About You

NOTE: This originally was posted FIMFiction, but I decided to add it to the website for the sake of completion.

I know this may seem odd at the time that I release this, but I can't access the website so I can do a review of this episode on there, so it's time to use my FIMFiction account for something other than working on a story and rants occasionally!

So for the people who don't normally read my reviews, here's how it works: I first watch the episode and before all of my reviews I explain what set up the plot just to get an idea of how it is and then I give my review of the entire episode.

So the way this episode starts is with a long line in front of a flower stand with people complaining about which flowers they want until Rarity suggests that you should pick flowers based on your mane color and she stays there to help everypony pick the flowers that match their manes. After that, it's revealed that Rarity needed flowers for a photo shoot with Vanity Mare (I hope I'm remembering that right).

After she leaves the flower stand, she goes to visit a fan store to pick up a fan for, again, the photo shoot when she helps the owner come up with the idea to set up a fan blowing a mane in the window of the shop to increase sales.

So with the fan and the flowers ordered, Rarity then goes to buy a couch and when she learns that the shop doesn't have different colored couches, ponies start saying that if there were more colors, they'd buy more of them. Rarity once again saves the day!

The final stop is Sugarcube Corner to pick up some cupcakes but when she gets there, Pinkie decides to celebrate the Cakes Twins' "Sneeze-iversary" and sprays super-sticky silly string everywhere. With Sugarcube Corner and Rarity's hair a complete mess, they decide to go to Zecora (about dang time we see her) and ask her to make a remover potion and some special shampoo.

So basically the rest is as you'd probably expect and I will just head straight to the review.

First off, the fact that Rarity is bothered by something as simple as her mane already proves that she's one of the stupidest and most worthless characters in the series so far, along with another character by the name of Rainbow Dash.

Another thing that bothered me in this episode was the fact that there was a lot of Rarity being... Rarity, which I really find irritating more than you'd ever believe! Why does she have to be so stupid and be upset at every little thing? I just can't stand that and it reminds me of real life society, complete crap! Also, Rarity cries again, which I don't like.

Now going off the Rarity rant train, another thing that annoys me is the fact that it feels like the episode is a complete slap in the face to anyone that either has a little bit of lack of confidence in themselves and it's poorly done, with Rarity being convinced a bit faster than I'd expect, but that's a little thing. I guess this rant had something to do with Rarity after all!

The "mane" issues with this episode is that the moral seems a little clouded in the moment itself, much less a few days after and that it's completely predicable! What you think would happen happens without a single variation and the only enjoyable part was the new look for Rarity that has taken the Brony fandom by storm!

So now I've ranted enough for today, so I bet you wonder what rating I'm going to give it. I'm going to possibly be more generous than the stream I did Saturday and give it a 2/10 just because I feel that rock star Rarity pushed it a rating after all!

I hope you enjoyed my decently long rant and if you completely disagree, make sure you let me know in the comment section below! Also please tell me if you'd like to see more in-depth reviews here in the future and I might do reviews on FIMFiction weekly!

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