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Episode review: episode 17 "To Change a Changeling"

So for the second time in the last three weeks, we have another Thorax episode, but this time it's with Starlight Glimmer and Trixie instead of Spike. Well, this will be interesting...

The episode starts with Starlight Glimmer and Trixie walking to the Changeling Hive when they get kidnapped. It's revealed after the theme song that the Changeling that kidnapped Starlight and Trixie was Thorax's brother, Pharynx.

After Thorax tells Pharynx that Starlight and Trixie are friends of his, he proceeds to tell the two that Pharynx doesn't like the new Changeling way and asks if they could help reform him. After thinking about it, Starlight and Trixie agree to help.

That's about the entire plot set up and my review is basically just as short.

Although the episode had some funny parts here and there, it was nothing really special unless you like a really boring plot that almost never had anything to make it more exciting.

I think the biggest problem for me was that I was expecting amazing stuff from Thorax, Starlight, Trixie, and Pharynx in this episode based on Tripkle Threat, which I never got.

So with my review being over with, the real question is what's my rating for it? Well I can't give it a particularly high rating because it was mostly boring with a few funny parts, so I'm going to give it 5/10.

I really wish there was more for me to talk about in this episode but like I said, it was a fairly boring episode and it just can't be talked about too much.

I hope you enjoyed my short review and I'll release the one for last week later, but here's every rating so far as I end this article! I hopeyou enjoyed and make sure you stay Brony my friends!

  1. Celestial Advice: 8/10
  2. All Bottled Up: 0/10
  3. Flurry of Emotions: 8/10
  4. Rock Solid Friendship: 8/10
  5. Fluttershy Leans In: 8/10
  6. Forever Filly: 4/10
  7. Parental Glideance: 9/10
  8. Hard To Say Anything: 8/10
  9. Honest Apple: 2/10
  10. A Royal Problem: 7/10
  11. Not Asking for Trouble: 6/10
  12. Discordant Harmony: 8/10
  13. The Perfect Pear: 11/10
  14. Fame and Misfortune: 2/10
  15. Triple Threat: 9/10
  16. Campfire Tales: 7/10
  17. To Change a Changeling: 7/10

Season average: rounds up to 7